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The Beginning

Our Story

We come from a family of fishing enthusiasts. As a young child, I was introduced to fishing. My grandparents were avid fishermen and a fishing trip always seemed the centerpiece of every visit. Digging for squirming red worms in the garden and plopping them in a rusty coffee can provided great adventure.  Cane poles and farm ponds, coupled with an occasional boat trip fulfilled this young boy’s dreams. I have many wonderful memories of comfortable time floating in a boat with my mother and father catching fat bluegills, memories I will cherish forever.

Tom and Ed fishing circa 1959

Our Soft Baits

Hand Crafted

Worm Baits

We have 4" finesse worms, 5” Wacky worms and Jerk worms and 6 1/2” ribbon-tailed worms. Our 4" finesse worms are a great choice for drop shot rigs, Carolina rigs, and Texas rigs. 

Creature Baits

We have a great selection of 4" lizards, crawdads, stump thumpers, and grubs. A staple of artificial baits for successful bass fishing.

Swim Baits

Swim them through weeds, rip them around rocks, or bounce them across the bottom!  We recommend using a corkscrew style hook for best results.

Panfish Baits

We offer 1", 2 " and 2 1/2" selections of panfish soft baits, including curly tails, newts, hellgrammites, and tadpole styles.

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