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The Founders

Fishing with my older brothers sparked my fascination and love for artificial baits.  Learning techniques from them inspired me to learn more about sport fishing and the critical need for "catch and release," procedures to strengthen our fisheries and natural resources. I still enjoy fishing with my brothers to this day...the best fishing partners ever!
Ever since Mae and I first met, we’ve loved spending time together, especially on the water—even if we’re not catching fish! Mae and I have four grandchildren now. Fishing with them and passing along the angling wisdom of my grandparents, parents, and brothers is very fulfilling. Spending time in a boat or just bank fishing with people you care about is the best part of fishing for me.

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About Our Soft Baits

Why Choose Us?

To stand out from some many other soft bait offerings, we like to mix it up a bit and respond to the requests of our customers.

For example, coffee blend soft baits is a more organic approach for bait scent. We want the fish to be enticed and to hold on to the bait.  Who knew fish were coffee addicts, but they seem to be!

We use only use best products on the market, plastisol compounds that allow us to create various levels of buoyancy, tactile feel, and flexibility. We carefully vacuum chamber each batch of plastisol to ensure the absence of air bubbles in our soft baits.  Bubbles…bad!

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We inject our baits to deliver robust flavor making the fish hold the bait longer! Ingredients include garlic infusion, salt infusion, crayfish oil, the best flake additions, and even coffee blend softbaits! Interestingly, coffee grounds extract is an effective organic approach for bait scent. We want the fish to be enticed and to hold on to the bait. 

We’re always experimenting!

And made in the USA!


About Our Business

Our Story

Learning various techniques of softbait fishing styles became a lifetime hobby for me.

As years passed with many dollars spent on soft baits, I needed to "think outside of the box" for a soft bait company.  I yearned for vivid color schemes, natural patterns, and lifelike action in soft baits that I knew anglers would love as much as I did, but they were incredibly hard to find—and very expensive. So often, I would find a bait but then think…“I wish this bait had a bit more buoyancy, or perhaps a flash of red—or a chartreuse tail, or have high visibility in dark water.”

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Finally, I realized that—guess what?—I can make those custom baits myself!

Catching fish on my personal hand-crafted bait brought me great satisfaction, and even more excitement when other fishing enthusiasts began catching fish on our custom softbaits.

Even more exciting is crafting a custom bait for a customer who wants a bait unavailable anywhere else!

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